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Children's Playgrounds

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High-quality playgrounds and playgrounds in the online store "europark.lviv.ua"

The Europark Group of Companies manufactures and installs playgrounds of different configuration, purpose and cost. Our products are a wide range of equipment for recreation and physical activity of children from the youngest age to adolescence, specially adapted for outdoor use.

Playgrounds and playgrounds can be used in preschools, schools, other educational institutions, in various sectors of public and residential buildings, namely in parks, squares, yards, recreation areas and sports facilities. Our products are also widely used in hotel and restaurant complexes, private farms and other places of residence of citizens.

At your request the specialists of our enterprise design objects of any complexity or offer typical ones to choose. 

We only offer products of our own production, made using the best modern technologies, high quality and reliable in operation.

You can see some of our objects in the "photo objects" section.

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